Project Starwarden

Unfortunately, while Project Starwarden was financed through concept, vertical slice and preproduction, it was ultimately not released. Because of this there are no example screenshots or videos to showcase my work on this project, although I am able to describe my responsibilities and the general concept of the game.

Project Starwarden was a third person action-adventure title, with a solarpunk sci-fi theme and a metroidvania structure. Gameplay would take place over four expansive planets and involve plenty of exploration, backtracking, environmental secrets and ever-escalating player abilities. The narrative told an optimistic story that featured galactic stakes but was ultimately about the unbreakable bonds between a loving family.

  • I was the narrative and story lead for the project. I was responsible for all narrative design and worldbuilding, working with external writers (as well as producing writing myself) to produce all aspects of the narrative.
  • I worked in tandem with the art and design directors to shape the vision for the game.
  • I worked closely with other discipline leads, the project director and company stakeholders daily to steer development focus and overall game ‘feel’.
  • I managed the level design team workload and scheduling, interviewed design candidates, trained new team members and line managed the team.
  • I was responsible for planning, overseeing and reviewing design documents from concept to final level design.
  • I guided level creation from whitebox to final polished state.